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Top 4 Tips for Hiking in Hot Weather

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Top 4 Tips for Hiking in Hot Weather

The summer season has finally arrived. Planning a day hike in this hot weather? Well, going for a day hike in this hot weather can force people to return back to home. In short, heat can ruin your day hike. Don’t worry! You need not stop going for a hike with your friends or family members because of this hot weather. There are few ways to hike safely in this hot weather.

Be it an expert or a beginner everybody may make mistakes sometimes and ends up having a bad time in this hot weather. Knowing about those common mistakes can help you avoid making such mistakes while going for a day hike. If you are planning for a randonnée en famille en juin then do follow the below tips to enjoy your day hike.

  • Staying Hydrated – Keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important when you go for a day hike in hot weather. In fact, for any kind of physical activity you have to keep your body hydrated. Remember, not keeping your body hydrated leads to dehydration. Do carry 2 or 3 water bottles with you to keep your body hydrated. Dehydration leads to chapped lips, headaches and tiredness.
  • Clothing – Most of the people generally sweat a lot during summer. Hence, hikers should avoid wearing the clothes made up of fabrics like silk, rayon and etc during summer. It is better to wear cotton clothing when you go for a day hike in summer as they absorb the sweat from your body quickly. Cotton clothing also has a quick drying property. You can stay comfortable in hot weather wearing cotton clothes. Don’t forget to wear good hiking shoes. Choosing the right hiking shoes is extremely important to stay comfortable during hiking.

  • Skin Protection: We all know that the harmful UV rays from sunlight can damage your skin very badly. Hence, it is extremely important to apply sunscreen lotion on your skin to protect it from damage. You need to also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from dust and UV rays.  Wear a hat to stay more comfortable during hiking in hot weather.
  • Packing: Avoid packing too many things to stay comfortable during hiking. Prepare a list of all-important things which you require like power bank, water bottles, sunscreen and etc.

Enjoy your day hike in hot weather by following the above tips!